Now that you've uploaded your dataset and have identified your key measure columns (read here to learn how to configure a column as a measure), these are some additional configuration that will make your dataset ready for business use!

Steps to get to Measure Configuration in Auto Insights:

  1. Click on Dataset Tab, select the Dataset that you wish to configure the measures for, click on 3 dots and select 'Edit Settings'.

  2. Select 'Measures' at the left panel of your screen, and you should see this view.


Say we have our sales data with Department, Team segments. What Auto Insights will automatically calculate:

  • An aggregated value of Sales based on the time period the user selects

  • An average across each Segment i.e. Average Sales per Department, Average Sales per Team

This makes sense, but sometimes there may be measures where it does not make sense to be aggregated, or to have an average across segments. Some examples are: Bank Balance, Net Promoter Score

*If it is required to show a trend of such measures for your use case, please reach out to the Auto Insights team for assistance.

Over here, you'll be able to define the required calculations for each measure and switch off any that is not relevant.

If you'll like to keep some average calculations and not all e.g. 'Average Sales per Department' is useful, but 'Average Sales per Gender' is not, you have the ability to select which ones you wish to display and which ones to hide. Read here to find out more on setting up key measures.


You can also add prefix and suffix units to your measures. For 'Percentage' option, it's defaulted to suffix only.


Within your use case, there may be a few different dates in the dataset that is relevant to only specific measures i.e. Open Incident Count will not have a 'Closed Date'.

In Measures configuration, you have the options to switch off dates that are not relevant for analysis.

This will help to remove any confusion when users self-serve and wish to select different dates to analyze.

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