With Auto Insights, you’ll be able to understand your key metrics better by comparing them against your goals (i.e. budgets, targets, etc.) and if they are on track to achieve your desired outcomes.

This feature is only found in Missions - “vs Goals” will appear in your query bar only if you select the middle analysis box.

There’s a wide range of visualization types available that helps you tell your story better.

Easily explore and understand the contributing factors of the variance calculated.


Can Auto Insights support goals for custom measures (i.e. conversion rate %), counts (i.e. Number of Incidents), or Averages (i.e. Average Sales per Sales person)?

The current version only support goals for Measures (i.e. Sales, Expenses, etc.).

Can I compare my goals for incomplete periods e.g. Month of Aug when it’s only 4th Aug today?

The current version only supports complete periods in the main dataset.

How come I can’t see any goals analysis when I click into my mission?

If you’re not able to see goals calculation in Mission, it means that there’s no goals dataset mapped to the dataset you’ve selected.

Why is it that Auto Insights is telling me that it’s good when my expense is above budget?

Your main dataset has been configured that it’s “good” when expenses increase. Hence if you wish to change that, your dataset admin would need to re-configure expenses to be “it’s bad when this increases”.

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