Examples: Average sales per order, average quantity per customer, average cost per product.

To create averages, you would need the following set up in Auto Insights:

  1. At least 1 measure (sales, quantity, cost, etc.)

  2. At least 1 segment (customer id, department, office location, etc.)

Auto Insights will calculate all possible combinations of averages i.e. Average Sales by Department, Average Quantity by Office Location, etc.

Setting measure & segment

This can be set up in the data ingestion part.

Averages will be calculated automatically by Auto Insights and available on Discover, Mission & Search.


Examples: Price (Sales over Quantity), Lending vs. Revenue ratio

To create ratio:

  1. You would need a minimum of 2 measures

  2. Have admin access to the dataset

Creating Ratio

Ratio can be set up under custom measures in dataset settings page (access from Discover)

Making it visible

Once a ratio is created, you'd want to make sure it has been set to visible (using set key measures)

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