Sometimes, we require a specific measure to be set up on the fly that is a combination of measures from the dataset.

With Custom Measures, we can now create new measures that were not part of the existing data.

Current available calculations are as follows:

  • Division of 2 measures (sum)

Division of 2 measures (sum)

One example would be to calculate Loan-to-ratio value, where we take the total loan amount divided by the value.

Another example would be to calculate the average price per item, where we take the total sales amount divided by the total sales quantity.

You can edit or delete the Custom Measure at any point in time.

Can I compare Custom Measures with different time periods?

Yes, Custom Measures work like a standard key measure, where you are able to identify trend over time, and set specific comparison periods.

Who can create custom measures?

Only Dataset Admins are allowed to create custom measures.

How do I create a Custom Measure?

Step 1: You can access this feature by clicking onto Dataset settings and selecting 'Custom Measures'.

Step 2: Click on 'Create custom Measure' button at the top right to start.

Step 3: Name your Custom Measure and select the corresponding numerator and denominator.

Where will Custom Measures appear?

Custom Measures will appear in Discover, to provide you with a helicopter view of the trend over time and the breakdown across each segment.

As well as in Missions, where you can curate the analysis further by adding filters and comparing across segments.

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