Auto Insights is here to help you accelerate the process of analysing and finding insights from data in Oracle. We’re excited to show you how Auto Insights can deliver value to your team, automate manual, tedious work, allowing you to quickly and easily spot trends over time, identify anomalies and outliers, and curate your own reports at the click of a button.

What data are we looking at

In your Auto Insights account, you’ll have access to a sample Oracle dataset. We have updated the 2012-2015 Oracle dataset to be relevant in 2020 and joined the Oracle tables together, ready just for you!

  • PCW15 F Sales (fact data source)

  • PCW15 F Deliveries (dimension data source)

  • PCW15 D Items (dimension data source)

  • PCW15 D Stores (dimension data source)

The raw data can be found here.

How to login to Auto Insights

You should have already received an invitation to join Auto Insights to your inbox. If you can’t see it, make sure to double check all folders (including junk). If you haven’t received your invitation, please contact us at

Which parts of Auto Insights can you access during the free trial?

As part of your free trial, you’ll be able to access Discover and Missions.

Discover is Auto Insights' automated executive summary, explaining to you how your KPIs are performing, what factors are impacting their performance, and any unexpected changes. Auto Insights builds Discover automatically when data is uploaded.

Missions is Auto Insights' powerful report building wizard. Simply tell Auto Insights your area of focus (e.g. Revenue comparing across all Items) and Auto Insights will explain what’s happening, build visualisations, identify supporting insights and data stories (for example, it may identify that half of your revenue is coming from Smartphones) and summarise the findings - all in a matter of seconds. An introductory guide to Missions can be found here.

Two things to try in Auto Insights

1) Check out Unexpected Changes

Scroll down on Discover to find Unexpected Changes - if you want to understand what’s driving the change - click on What caused this to find out more.

2) Explore and change the focus of a Mission

Clicking on Explore in the query bar of a Mission allows you to do your own analysis and answer infinite follow up questions - want to explore which brand of Smartphones are selling the best? Easy! Simply click explore, change your comparison and watch Auto Insights find insights for you in seconds.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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