Hosting / Overview Architecture

  • The Auto Insights SaaS solution is hosted in Azure cloud following multi-layer secured architecture. Auto Insights Cloud has passed strict security controls and is also used by our Government clients and large enterprises

  • All customer data is stored in Azure data centres in your region, so data never goes off-shore.

  • The web servers are run behind Web Application Firewall and Network Security Groups. Multiple Virtual Machines are running behind the Application Gateways to ensure high availability.

  • Auto Insights VMs stores data to Azure Managed MySQLDB encrypted mounted disks. The different applications of Auto Insights communicate with each other using messaging brokers on secured connections.

  • Details of data encryption can be found here and data segregation can be found here.

Ingestion & Data Structure

  • A full video walking through the ingest process can be found here.

  • There are two ways to connect data to Auto Insights: direct database connection or .csv file upload. More information on connections can be found here.

  • Auto Insights currently analyses structured, transactional, time-series data (uncovering changes, patterns, anomalies, and 'what caused this), we don't currently work with unstructured or geo-spatial data. More information on data preparation requirements can be found here.

  • The data we fetch is transformed into a Parquet file after limited cleansing, and stored on encrypted mounted disks in a secure network location. It is not loaded into Auto Insights' own database. Auto Insights does not create new data, edit or delete existing data in your databases or csv files. In addition, Auto Insights does not compute directly in your databases or data sources. Computation is carried out within the software itself.

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