A. How does Auto Insights pick segments to include in 'What Caused This'?

Auto Insights scans across your data to identify contributing factors (items with the largest changes) that can explain the change in the measure.

For this example, Expense has increased compared to last month. Auto Insights identifies the largest increase within each segment, i.e. IT Hardware and Infrastructure vs other Expense Details. Next, it ranks each of the identified segments according to the largest increase.

B. How can I update the 'What Cause This' selection to include/exclude certain segments?

To provide context to insights that Auto Insights calls out for each measure, simply click on this icon next to 'What Caused This', and you can choose to remove segments that are not relevant to your key measure.

In this example, you see we have removed 'Staff Member Id' as it isn't a relevant segment to break down Expense Amount.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperanna.com.

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