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Create a report that ensures your insights are aligned to your business activities and topics you care about.

Start by naming your mission (report) and select your key measures that you wish to include.

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Upon creating a mission, you will land on the summary page. This page is automatically created and gives an overview of all the pages within a single mission.

Anna will create a page for each measure you selected as part of the Mission creation process.

Each page has a query bar that provides the focus of analysis for that specific page.

You're able to change the time period comparison, add filters or breakdowns to curate Anna's analysis further.

You can change the comparison period to compare against the previous month or same month last year. Refer to this article on Time Period comparison for details.

Just viewing total or removing time comparison

Selecting the total button (see below) and Anna will focus on just proportion and disregard insights related to change over time.

You can further customise this type of insights by removing the time comparison period or select "All time"

Creating new pages within a Mission

There are 3 ways you can create a page within Mission:

FIRST OPTION: If you have only read access, you will not be able to edit the Mission, but you can save the page by clicking on '+Add Page to Mission" and select a new mission or an existing one

SECOND OPTION: If you have edit view, you can click onto 'Edit' and add a page with the '+' sign on the left panel

Using the Query Bar you can add in filters and breakdowns to curate your insights further. For example, you want to focus on Grocery sales and specifically which age bands are buying more or buying less.

Start by:

  1. Selecting a key Measure

  2. Select the filter you would like to apply by clicking on 'Focused on <None>'. You can add as many filters you like, or none at all.

  3. Select the segment you would like to breakdown further by clicking on 'Comparing <None>'. You can specific a breakdown, or none at all.

Click ‘Present’ to bring you back to presentation view instead of Edit mode.

Now, Anna has re-generated a new page on Sales with a focused on Grocery and comparing Age Bands.

THIRD OPTION: You can create a new page by duplicating an existing one

You can duplicate an existing page by selecting the page you wish to duplicate and click on down arrow icon. Select ‘Duplicate Page’ and the duplicated page will appear below the selected page.


Additional features that you can do within a Mission

Update the title / add commentary per page

You can update the title and add a commentary on each page of the mission by clicking on ‘Edit Introduction’ and type in your preferred title for the page and any additional commentary to explain or highlight certain context for the viewer.

Re-order pages

To reorder the pages, select the page that you would like to reorder, click drag the page to the position you would like to shift it to.

Hide insights that don’t matter

You can remove any story card/section within the page you would like to hide from presentation view by clicking on the eye icon to toggle it off.

Delete a page

You can delete an existing page by hovering over the page you wish to delete, and click on the down arrow icon and select ‘Delete Page’. Take note that a page deletion is irreversible.

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