Learn how to perform standard period analysis in Anna:

  • Prior period analysis

  • Period to date analysis (XTD)

  • Previous comparable period (PCP) 

Video 1: Prior Period & Previous Comparable Period Analysis

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Prior period analysis

Prior period analysis allows you to view insights at different granularities for the same period. Examples include:

  • Month on month (Jul 2019 vs Jun 2019)

  • Quarter on quarter (Q2 2019 vs Q1 2019)

  • Year on year (2019 vs 2018)

General period to date (XTD) Analysis

General period to date (XTD) allows you to view insights for your latest data and compare them to the previous complete period or previous year across:

  • Week to date (WTD)

  • Month to date (MTD)

  • Year to date (YTD)

Whether or not a measure can have a WTD, variance depends upon its granularity. For example, a dataset with monthly data will not be able to utilise WTD.

Simply type the magic words WTD, MTD or YTD into Anna search box.

Previous comparable period 

Previous comparable period (PCP) allows you to view insights for your data and compare them to the previous year. 

For example: Jun 2019 vs PCP => Jun 2019 vs Jun 2018

Simply write "Sales Jun 2018 to Jun 2019 monthly" to get the change below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperanna.com. 

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