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Introduction to Time

Time in the question builder shows all the time ranges available in your data, as well as the granularity. Anna will default to monthly trends, but you can look at them daily, weekly, quarterly (depending on your data in Anna). You can also look at previous comparable periods. Time will also include any date column that may be available in your data, here its transaction date.

By default Anna will return the entire date range – or you can optionally add your own date and press enter.

Supported Date Formats

Last month / This quarter / This year

Dec 2018 / December 2018

Time range: Nov 2017 to Jun 2018

Quarter on Quarter / Year on Year

PCP / Previous Comparable Period

YTD / Year to Date

NOT Supported Date Formats

Sep2018-Dec2018 (no spaces)

December 18  (2 digit year)

Choosing Time Periods with Context Navigation

When analysing your company data in Anna

This is how Anna will calculate what's performing and what is not.

You can use the context navigation up the top to choose the Time Interval you are looking at. For example, you might want Anna to analyse your data on a weekly basis. It's up to you!

We can also use Context Navigation to change the time period we are looking at. Here we are changing to April to June, you can even select specific day ranges you want to look at.

Choosing the time range allows us to dig deeper into what is causing certain changes

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