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  • How Anna explains Insights

  • How to change the chart type

Video 1: Explaining Insights

Video 2: Changing Chart Types

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Anna doesn't just provide a graph, Anna explains insights in plain English so that you can quickly and easily interpret what is happening in your business. 

Anna will automatically only surface those insights that she thinks is necessary to you, and explain why in plain English text below the graph.

You can easily interact with the chart, Anna may only display three values but you can simply select all, or only those that matter to you.

You can also simply change your chart type to one that makes sense to you.

100% stacked chart
When you want to see monthly breakdown of percentages 

Column chart (Rank)
When you want to understand your top contributor 

Pie chart
When you want to see market share

Scatter chart
When you want to see growth and contribution

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