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  • Anna rephrase, when you have misspelt a word or phrase

  • Anna rephrase, when there are more than one key words available, which should Anna use

  • Anna's workings, Anna shows the workings to all her answers like any good analyst

Video: 1 Anna Clarifications

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Rephrasing a question

Sometimes Anna may ask you to confirm her understanding of a question. Anna does this when she thinks you've asked her about something that's not in your data, or if you make a typo.

Multiple key words available

Sometimes there are more than one key word in your dataset, aka Baby Foods and Baby Cloths, if you just type "Sales for Baby" then Anna will clarify whether you want to look at it for Baby Cloths or Food.

Anna's workings
Like any good analyst, Anna always shows her workings, you can access them via the question mark on the top right had side of the panel.

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