The best way to ask Anna questions is to use Key Words! Think about it like Google, you wouldn't type "Hey Google, what is the weather looking like this week", you would instead write "Weather Sydney" or "Weather Sydney this week". 

In this article we will be covering

  • Understanding the Question Builder labels

  • How to build /ask questions

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Video 1: Understanding Question Builder Labels
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Video 2: How to build / ask questions
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1) Question Builder Labels

Firstly, click the labels under the question box to select the calculation, measure and segment you are interested in.

  • Calculation shows you some of the calculation types available in Anna, these are calculations you can apply to your measures.

  • Measure will show you all the things you can look at over time. Measures are determined by whats in the underlying data that was uploaded into Anna. Here is sales, quantity etc... for you it may be claims, expense amount, customers etc...

  • Analytics shows you all the types of analytics Anna can perform on your measures.

  • Segments show the dimensions that you can break down your measures by, here we might want to look at our measure "sales" by our segment "department". Segments are determined by whats in the underlying data that was uploaded into Anna. If you want to see more segments in Anna, contact your Hyper Anna admin.

  • Time shows all the time ranges available in your data, as well as the granularity. Anna will default to monthly trends, but you can look at them daily, weekly, quarterly (depending on your data in Anna). Time will also include any date column that may be available in your data, here its transaction date.

2) How to build/ ask questions

Anna has the ability to interpret sentences. The following grammatical structure explains how sentences are interpreted by Anna. When you omit a certain part of the structure, Anna will attempt to make a guess on what is most relevant.

Some examples: Each word has been colour coded to reference its component above.

You can start building questions with the question builder   

The above will break down Sales by all Departments in 2019. If you want to select a specific Department you can click on the little back arrow to choose a particular Department.

You will know Anna understands when the words are underlined in their respective colours.

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