Discover is the perfect landing page, allowing you to quickly, simply and easily understand what's happening in your data.

Discover helps you to:

  • Understand the changes in your key business measures without effort

  • Explore what's driving these changes instantly

  • Uncover unexpected changes by viewing anomalies and outliers

Changing your Key Measure 

Choose which measure you want to discover first and Auto Insights will highlight this in purple.

Understand the performance. 

To do so, simply click See Overview.

Auto Insights highlights the latest month on month change in purple. You can drag the time scale slider underneath the graph to see the trend over a longer time period to identify peaks and troughs.

You can toggle to see the same period Previous Year by clicking on the selection ‘VS PREV YEAR’ within the navigation bar.

The purple section represents the latest period's performance.

You can choose which period you want to analyse by using the navigation bar at the top. This will allow you to focus on a specific period you wish to analyse, or change the time granularity.

Our standard default week commences on a Sunday, if that’s not how your organisation reporting is like, you have the flexibility to amend it. Read here for more information.

Understand What Caused This

Easily explore and understand the contributing factors of change for each measure.

To learn more about What Caused This methodology and explanation, refer to this article.

To focus your analysis on a specific breakdown, i.e. I want to understand the contributing factors that caused the ‘Grocery’ department to decrease in sales, you can click on the 3 dots on the right to drill down.

Alternatively, if you want to compare across all loyalty groups as an example, you can click on Drill down to get that comparison.

Find Unexpected Changes

Find out about unexpected changes by viewing anomalies and outliers for the latest period. Unexpected Changes are only generated for the latest period in Discover across all measures and segments.

Delve deeper to understand what caused them by clicking on the blue 'What Caused This?' button.

For Anomalies, since there’s a historical trend, you can select a specific period you would like to analyse further within the chart without changing the time period within Discover.

For Outliers, Auto Insights will compare the selected time period against the previous period. Select each dot to analyse it’s contributing factors further.

For each measure, you can filter the unexpected changes cards across each segment and sort them by either the largest change amount, the largest absolute value, or the largest change percentage.

Read more on the methodology of both anomalies and outliers here.

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