During this eLearning you will lean about what data Anna works best on, as well as how to prepare your data to be 'Anna' ready. This eLearning should take you about 10minutes to complete!

So you're ready to get started uploading data to Anna? Great! Before doing so, watch the following videos (10 min) (or read below instead) and run through this checklist to make sure your data meets our recommendations and requirements. 

Video 1: What data Anna works best on (4min)
Don't feel like watching? Read below instead.

What data Anna works best on?

  • Structured data

  • At least of couple of key measures

  • Rich dimensions to explore

  • Transactional/ Time Series Data

  • Looking at patterns or trends over time

What data does Anna not work on?

  • Unstructured data - Anna does not perform sentiment analysis therefore anything that has a free text field will need to be grouped or excluded

  • Anna does not do predictive modelling or forecasting

  • Anna cannot merge multiple datasets automatically, Anna needs to read from a single table*

*Note if you have a database connection you can create your own custom SQL to merge tables into a single view

For a use case you will need to think about:

  • Data availability, is there currently data available to perform this type of analysis

  • Data source, do you know where the data is stored? Is it in one location? Does it require merging of tables before hand to get it into one flat-file view for Anna

  • Data quality, is the data clean and in a shape that is ready for direct analysis

  • Data transformation, here we will go through data that is “Anna ready” and some data aggregation tips.

Data Preparation Checklist

The requirements and recommendations in the checklist below are applicable to both data upload methods.

Tips and tricks

We've outlined below a few of our tips and tricks that you can use to take your data from good to great.

While the examples are shown in a .csv file, these tricks also apply if you are connecting Anna to your database.

1. How to quickly re-format a date

2. Sometimes data looks Anna ready, but isn't. This dataset has as a few problems, which are easily fixed: 

With these few quick changes, you can get insights from this data in Anna in minutes. 

Now, your data is Anna ready!

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