We appreciate that rolling out a new software can be a daunting time for organisations, that's why we are here to help! We provide bespoke in-person training, online materials and 1:1 clinics to ensure you're equipped with the skills to see success!

Training is broken into two streams:

  • Analysts training
    These are stakeholders from your organisation with analytical expertise in the business domain related to the initial use case. Typically from a the Data or Analytics team

  • Business or 'end' users training
    These are the primary consumers of insights who would typically make business decisions based on data provided to them, and were identified earlier during the sign-off process

  • Optional training
    Additional training that can be completed by Analysts or Business Users!

What does Analyst training involve?

1. eLearning (10min)

Online tutorial that helps Analysts get familiar with what data works best in Auto Insights and how to prepare data for Auto Insights.

2. Analyst Enablement (90min)
In-person training for the Analyst team, the goal is to teach you/your team how to load data into Auto Insights using your actual use case dataset. You will also learn how to use the Admin Portal so that you can load any dataset into Auto Insights in the future! In addition we will spend some time teaching you how to get insights from Auto Insights. 

3. Go-Live Classroom training (90min) - Optional
See below for details - Analysts can join in on this training session

What does business/end user training involve?

1. eLearning (15min)

Online tutorial that helps attendees get familiar with the tool, it is required for everyone to watch the eLearning prior to the Classroom session as we build on it during the session

2. Go-Live Classroom training (90min)
In person small group training, which attendees will get their licenses, see their data within Auto Insights, learn the ropes of using Auto Insights and have the opportunity to ask any questions to the Auto Insights facilitator. Typically we run in groups of 5 - 15 to ensure an personalised experience.

3. 1:1 Clinics (60min)
Usually scheduled a week or so after initial onboarding, this one-on-one training with a Auto Insights facilitator will allow users to understand how to embed Auto Insights into their BAU and learn how to use Auto Insights to solve specific problems their facing or integrate into their workflow.

What is Optional Training?

eLearning Where Auto Insights works best (4min)
Learn about the Auto Insights and the problems we are trying to solve, get an understanding of the engagement overview, the types of problems best solved by Auto Insights and which data it works best on. As well as how to create a good use case for Auto Insights.

eLearning How to get insights from Auto Insights - Personalising Auto Insights (5min)
Learn about how to tailor insights from Auto Insights to suit your individual needs and preferences, as well as how to save insights for future reference. This eLearning covers the different chart visualisations available through Auto Insights, how to save insights from Auto Insights to our desktop, and how to favourite our most frequently asked questions within Auto Insights.

eLearning How to get insights from Auto Insights - Time Periods in Auto Insights (7min)
Learn why time periods are so important for Auto Insights. We cover some of the common time period expressions typically used by analysts, including prior period (PP), year to date and previous comparable period (PCP). 

eLearning How to get insights from Auto Insights - Intermediate Analysis (5min)
Learn some of Auto Insights’ more advanced analytical capabilities – including Mixed Indexation, Seasonality and Correlation Analysis. These can be useful when you want to explore your data in more depth.

eLearning Analyst Enablement - Loading Data into Auto Insights (3min)
Learn how to upload data into Auto Insights via the Admin Portal, follow through how to add a dataset, choose between segments, measures and unique values and learn why Auto Insights needs this information.

eLearning Analyst Enablement - Introduction to the Admin Portal (2min)
Now that you have successfully loaded your dataset into Auto Insights, learn how to add users to groups, set permissions and more with an Introduction to the Admin Portal.

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