The Go Live session is a hands-on workshop facilitated by Auto Insights’ Client Engagement team which allows end users to familiarise themselves with Auto Insights’ key features.

Who is involved during the Go Live session?

The Go Live session should contain the following persons from your organisation:

  • End users - these are the primary consumers of insights who would typically make business decisions based on data provided to them, and were identified earlier during the sign-off process

  • Business Sponsor

  • Project Manager

  • Data Champion (Optional)

  • Analyst Team (Optional)

What is the goal of the Go Live session? 

The goal of the Go Live session is to demonstrate to your organisation’s end users how Auto Insights can be used to solve the Problem Statement originally put forward by the Budget Holder and/or Business Sponsor during the kick-off session. 

This is achieved by empowering users with the ability to use Auto Insights to get insights from the uploaded dataset for the initial use case. 

In this session, your Client Engagement Manager will begin by outlining the Problem Statement for the initial use case. He or she will provide an overview of the data used, and a list of example questions that can be solved by Auto Insights with respect to the use case. 

Following a quick demonstration of Auto Insights’ core features, attendees will have an opportunity to use Auto Insights for themselves to answer the example questions provided by the Project Manager / Business Sponsor, as well as any other questions relevant to their business domain.

Finally, your Client Engagement Manager will ask attendees to complete a quick survey, where they will have the opportunity to provide their feedback on the Go Live session.

What needs to be completed prior to the Go Live session?

The following steps should be completed prior to the Go Live session:

  • Data reconciliation with existing reporting/BI tools performed by Analyst Team

  • Dataset Guide Completed by Dataset Owner

  • List of attendees confirmed by Business Sponsor

What should I prepare prior to the Go Live session?

Attendees are required to have completed the e-learning course on How to get insights from Auto Insights prior to attending the Go Live session. See related articles.

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