The quality of insights that Anna is able to provide to users depends entirely on the quality of the data that she receives. Typically, there will be some degree of data cleansing and/or transformation required to turn the data for your organisation’s initial use case into a state that’s ‘Anna ready’. This is assessed during the Data Assessment that was completed prior to sign-off. Once completed, Anna will take care of everything else for you!

The Analyst Enablement session is a hands-on workshop aimed at helping the analyst team from your organisation become familiar with how to successfully upload data into Anna, as well as how they themselves can use Anna to get insights. The Analyst Enablement session also covers an overview of Hyper Anna’s Admin portal, from where your organisation’s Admin users are able to control Data and Content governance.

Who is involved during the Analyst Enablement session?

The Analyst Enablement session should involve stakeholders from your organisation with analytical expertise in the business domain related to the initial use case. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Data Champion

  • Analyst/s responsible for initial data upload to Anna

  • Project Manager

The Analyst Enablement session is facilitated by Hyper Anna’s Client Engagement team, who have extensive experience in delivering data-driven solutions to organisations across a broad range of industries.

What is the goal of the Analyst Enablement session?

The goal of the Analyst Enablement session is to have a working dataset uploaded into Anna and ready for use by end users for the initial functioning use case.

In this session, your Client Engagement Manager will perform a step-by-step demonstration of how to upload your dataset into Hyper Anna. 

They will provide an overview of the Admin Portal features available to your organisation’s Admin user/s, including how to assign user access and permissions to datasets, how to edit existing datasets.

Following on from this, your Client Engagement Manager will run an interactive session on how to use Anna to get insights from your data.

Your Client Engagement Manager will also be on hand throughout the Analyst Enablement session to help with any technical questions related to your data.

What needs to be completed prior to the Analyst Enablement session?

The following steps should be completed prior to the Analyst Enablement session:

  • Budget Holder / Business Sponsor has signed off on the use case

  • Attendees can read or watch the following materials which will demonstrate how to load data into Hyper Anna prior to the session

What happens after Analyst Enablement?

  1. After you have got your data into Hyper Anna you can complete a data reconciliation. Your Hyper Anna Client Engagement Manager will provide you with a template for the reconciliation which will assist you in ensuring you can quickly evaluate that your data is accurate and complete. 

  2. You should test that each of the sample key questions you provided during the sign-off process work in Anna and give you the result you desire 

  3. Your Client Engagement Manager will provide you with a Dataset Guide template, this is something that an Admin can add to a dataset, to give a brief background of the dataset available, where it comes from, a Data Dictionary, some sample questions and some tips on using Anna. 

  4. You will need to setup a time with the Business Sponsor to Showcase the Use Case now available in Hyper Anna - your Client Engagement Manager will be available to attend if required.

  5. Business Sponsor to set-up the End User enablement session with User identified in the sign-off process.

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Engagement contact.

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