Who is involved in sign-off?

Sign-off is the typically the responsibility of the Budget Holder. In special cases the Business Sponsor may have delegated authority. During sign-off Auto Insights will work with the Business Sponsor and Data Champion to agree on the elements below prior to sending an email to Budget Holder for sign-off.

What needs to be completed prior to sign-off?

The following steps should be completed prior to receiving sign-off: 

  • Kick-off meeting completed

  • Problem Statement & Success Criteria Agreed

  • Sample Questions provided

  • Data Assessment of initial Use Case is Complete

  • End Users Identified (name, email & role)

  • Process for direct Database Connection initiated

What is included in the "signed-off" email?

  • The initial Use Case

  • Problem statement
    In your own words why you are using Auto Insights to solve for the problem of this use case

  • Sample Questions
    Examples of business questions that will be able to be answered by Auto Insights for the Use Case

  • Success criteria
    What does success look like for this use case? Faster time to value: Find the key drivers of change and anomalies quickly and easily. Dynamic insights, not static reports: Instant answers to questions, explained in plain English. Richer, deeper intelligence: Empower users to have the right conversations with stakeholders backed by self-serve insights

  • Users Identified (Name, Email and Role)
    Analysts that will learn to upload data & Business Users that will apart of the user training/ onboarding 

What happens after sign-off

Data Load! Your Client Engagement Manager will facilitate an Analyst Enablement session which will teach your analysts how to upload their use case dataset into Auto Insights. For more information check out What is involved in Data Load & Analyst Enablement?

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