90% chance you are facing one of these 3 errors:

  1. Your date column is not correct. Recommended date format is: "YYYY-MM-DD"

  2. Your delimiter is not correct. Delimiter needs to be comma (,) - not tab, pipe...

    1. If you're still facing delimiter issues, you'll need to ensure that all your data values if they have commas in them, to be enclosed with double quotes

  3. You have a special character ($, @) in your column names

  4. One of your columns has data that exceeds 256 characters

The fastest way to fix date format

Sometimes, you might get an error message in Pencil if there are problems with the date format in your dataset. 

An easy fix is to re-format your date as YYYY-MM-DD.

How to change the date format in a .csv file

Note: Make sure you save and close your file after making your change! If you re-open your .csv file after you've changed the date format, you will notice the date will revert to the default date format (in Australia, d/m/yy) so you'll need to convert it back to yyyy-mm-dd before you close it.

How to change the date format in SQL

For a comprehensive guide on how to convert dates in SQL, please refer to this article.

What type of special characters does Auto Insights accept?

For a complete list of the special characters Auto Insights accepts in column headings and row values, please refer to this article.

How do I rectify the issue with a column that has more than 256 characters in a data row?

This would typically be a free text field that Auto Insights does not work well with. Our recommendation is to toggle off the column at Step 5 of the data ingestion process.

In the event that this column is turned on, Auto Insights will automatically truncate the data to 256 characters.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperanna.com

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