Only Organisation Admins can create new users using the Admin Portal. The Admin Portal is accessed through clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner of the Auto Insights page. 

How to check if you are an Organisation Admin

If you are an Organisation Admin, you will see the Admin Portal appear below Account Settings

If you don't know what access level you have, click on the icon in the top right of your screen again once the Admin Portal has loaded. Your access permissions will be listed next to your name. 

How to create a new user

Make sure you have checked your access permissions and are an Organisation Admin.

1. Navigate to the Admin Portal and select the Users tab from the menu bar. 

2. Click on the Create New User button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the page and enter the email address of the new user.

3. Click Create

4. The user will receive a welcome email with login instructions. If the user doesn't receive the email, you can click on the Resend Invite button to resend the email if necessary.

5. Fill in the details for your new user, including First and Last Name, Job Title, Department and User Type and click Save.

Assigning new users access to a dataset

Once the user has been set up in Auto Insights, you can assign them access to a dataset, and set their permission level to the dataset.

  1. Click on the Assign to A Group button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Select the group to assign access to and click Assign

  3. Select the Access Level, either an Admin or a User. For more information about permission levels, please refer to our administrator guide.

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