Anna can help operations teams automate utilisation analysis, analyse staff productivity and uncover opportunities to drive efficiencies. You can read more here on our website.

This article will cover:

  • Example insights from this use case

  • Recommended data structure for this use case

What sort of insights can Anna help me uncover?

We've outlined some example questions which Anna can help answer through a combination of her proactive insights, Search, and What caused this? analysis:

Automate utilisation analysis

  • Hours charged by Engagement Industry

  • Hours charged by Employee Position

  • Hours charged by Team

  • Hours charged by Client

  • Actual recurring revenue by Engagement

Analyse staff productivity

  • Hours charged by Employee Position

  • Hours charged by Employee Position and Employee Location

  • Percentage growth of hours charged by Employee Position by Team monthly

  • Actual recurring revenue growth by Client last quarter

Uncover opportunities to drive efficiencies

  • Revenue by Team

  • Average Engagement Realisation Percentage by Service Line

  • Actual Recurring Revenue by Client

How do I structure my data?

  • Anna requires structured, transactional data, with at least 1 measure (e.g. Hours charged) and 5 segments (e.g. Employee demographic data). In addition, we recommend at least 7 months of data (at monthly or daily granularity) so you can take full advantage of Anna's Unexpected Changes feature.

Example data structure

Please click on the picture to download a larger copy of the image.

Please refer to this article for more information about data structure.


Here are some of the typical segments we find in timesheet data. A segment is a qualitative value, like names or categories:

  • Employee attributes: Employee Name, Employee Location, Employment Status, Employee Position, Team, Service Line, etc.

  • Engagement/client attributes: Engagement Industry, Engagement Code Name, Client Code, Client Name, Engagement Profit Centre, etc. 


A measure is a quantitative, numeric value. Some of the typical measures include Hours charged, time standard, revenue, etc.

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