1. It’s quick & easy

We have lots of experience working with all types of organisations and therefore can lend support at every step of the way, from ensuring your IT team are comfortable, to setting up the connection itself.

This article contains more information on the steps involved to connect, but in essence, you enter the details of the database, Anna will help test the connection, and you are ready to go within minutes.

Our team can help provide materials to help with any internal security / IT approval required.

2. Saves analyst effort and is less error prone

You can reuse database views containing business logic and data transformation logic so you don’t have to waste time re-writing scripts. Connecting to the data source of truth also reduces the risk of data integrity issues.

Additionally, with automated refreshes, you save time in manual reconciliations and uploads. Where frequent refreshes are required, this can equate to a huge time save. 

3. It’s the most secure way of sharing information

Database connections reduce the number of flat files circulating in your organisation. This reduces the risk of colleagues sharing sensitive information via email, taking it offsite, or similar security breaches.

We maintain the highest levels of data security regardless of transfer method (for more information read here).

4. Provides the best result for the business

A database connection with automated refreshes ensures that business stakeholders always have the most up-to-date information - speeding up the exploration and consumption of additional data for use cases. This helps embed Hyper Anna in workflows and ensures you get the most ROI.

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