Imagine your data has 3 identifiers - Customer ID, Basket ID and Product ID.

These fields can either be Segments or Unique Values when you upload your data to Anna. The easiest way to figure out whether a field should be a segment or a unique identifier is by thinking about how you want to action Anna's answers to your questions.

Where the field should be a Segment

Action: Do you want to be able to trace back to a particular customer, basket or product?

Question to Anna: What are the top 10 Customers/Products/Baskets (Segment) for Sales (Measure)? 

Where the field should be a Unique ID

Action: Do you want to count the number of customers/baskets/products? 

Question to Anna: How many Customers (Unique ID) purchased a particular Commodity (Segment)?

What if I want to ask both of those questions?

No problem. You can simply duplicate the columns in your data so you can have one column as segment and one as a unique ID. In this example, Customers = Unique Value and Customer Name = Segment.

Example in a csv file

Example in Anna

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