Dataset Administration Overview

The four kinds of Hyper Anna users are: Dataset User, Dataset Admin, Organisation Admin, and Super Admin.

The Super Admin role is usually managed directly by Hyper Anna, however some organisations may have one or more internal Super Admins.

By default, Dataset Users are only able to access datasets that have been assigned to them by Dataset Admins, and they can’t access the Admin Portal. To access the Admin Portal and load datasets, Users first need to have been assigned Admin access by another Admin.

When a dataset is loaded, the Admin who loads it is automatically made a member of the Group that is created by the dataset load. For example, if you load a dataset called ‘yearly_sales_dataset’ then you will automatically become the sole member of the yearly_sales_dataset_ADMIN group.

You can then create other groups and add users to it, or add other people as Users or Admins to a group of which you are a member.

Users are assigned to groups via the Groups page (detailed below).

Note: A dataset Admin can’t see or assign permissions for any dataset loaded by another Admin unless they’ve been granted access by that Admin.

Admin Portal Pages

Admin Portal Access Levels

Note: When you’re logged into Admin Portal, your User type (i.e. admin or super admin) is displayed next to your login name at top right.

Dataset Admin Process Flow

The following graphic outlines the sequence of steps required for dataset administration.

Admin setup sequence

  1. An Organisation must already have been set up (note: in many cases there is only one Organisation). Organisations are set up by Super Admins who create Org Admin accounts, who then create initial Dataset Admin accounts.
  2. Dataset Admin uploads datasets
  3. Dataset Admin creates user groups
  4. Dataset Admin assigns users to groups
  5. Dataset Admin assign group permissions to datasets.

Setting Group Access Level

For any dataset of which you are an admin, you can create a Group and then assign access levels as either User or Admin using this control:

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