Open encryption methodologies

Do you provide open encryption methodologies (3.4ES, AES, etc.) to tenants in order for them to protect their data if it is required to move through public networks (e.g., the Internet)? 

The data is transmitted under Azure VPN Gateway settings from client Azure platform to Hyper Anna Azure environment, which allows encryption algorithms such as 3DES and AES.

Secure deletion

Do you support secure deletion (e.g., degaussing/cryptographic wiping) of archived and backed-up data as determined by the tenant? 

Yes, data no longer required may be permanently deleted within Hyper Anna's Azure facility.

Unique encryption keys

Are you able generate unique encryption keys per customer/tenant? 

Yes, different encryption keys can be generated for each client’s Azure Blob Storage, which is administered by Azure Key Vault technology.

Key management procedures

Do you maintain key management procedures, such as by documenting ownership for each stage of the lifecycle of encryption keys? 


Encryption at rest

Is tenant data encrypted at rest (on disk/storage) within your environment? 

Yes, data in the Azure storage blob is encrypted.

Platform and data appropriate encryption

Do you have platform and data appropriate encryption that uses open/validated formats and standard algorithms? 

Yes, as provided by Azure storage.

Infrastructure compliance & monitoring

Do you have a capacity to continuously monitor and report the compliance of your infrastructure against your information security baselines? 


DDOS protection

Is DDOS protection in place? 

Yes, basic Azure DDOS defence is provided by default and Azure DDOS Protection Standard  can be activated if required.

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