Data Retention

Hyper Anna enforce a strict data retention and destruction policy. Our policy is to retain records as necessary for business purposes, including maintaining the continuity and availability of records in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.

  • Retains records in accordance with applicable local laws.

  • Retains records relevant to pending or reasonably anticipated legal proceedings, consistent with the company‚Äôs legal obligations.

  • Retains records as necessary for tax purposes.

  • The Data Record Retention Policy also specifies policies related to the destruction of documents that are no longer required for business, legal, tax, or other reasons. As part of the data destruction policy, the method for proper document destruction and disposal is defined.

Customer data created by Hyper Anna as part of conducting business falls under the Hyper Anna Data Record Retention Policy and will be managed as such.

Data that a customer provides to Hyper Anna includes, but is not limited to, business intelligence metadata values and descriptions, database schemas, ETL workflows and routines, data content (in database and text files), database backups, images, user access information, and custom data manipulation code.

Data Purging

Data provided by the customer to Hyper Anna will be removed from the Hyper Anna environment and deleted within 30 days of termination of an agreement.

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