If you are utilising our SaaS option:

Hyper Anna currently hosts data in two locations: Australia (for customers located in Australia and also any customers connecting their Xero data) and Singapore (for customers located in Singapore). 

Hyper Anna uses Microsoft Azure's cloud platform. As there are Azure data centres globally, Anna can host your data anywhere in the world, if this is required. 

Please speak to the Hyper Anna team if you are interested in hosting your data elsewhere.

If you are utilising our on-premise option:

Your data is hosted within the environment of your infrastructure.


Please note, Hyper Anna does not create new data, edit or delete existing data in your databases or csv files. In addition, Hyper Anna does not compute directly in your databases or data sources. Computation is carried out within the software itself. 

Is data duplicated on our cloud?

When uploading a csv file to Anna or connecting to a database, an extract of the data is stored on our cloud. Hyper Anna uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperanna.com.

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