1. Orientation

Discover is Hyper Anna's landing page.

On the top right you can access your account settings, to change your password, and access admin portal (depending on user access levels).

You can also see elements of your current dataset, and change your dataset here.

2. Discover

Discover is the perfect landing page, allowing you to quickly, simply and easily understand what's happening in your data.

Discover helps you to:

  • Understand the changes in your key business measures without effort
  • Explore what's driving these changes instantly
  • Uncover unexpected changes by viewing anomalies and outliers

Split second updates

Quickly see a summary of your key measures over time. A mini summary is below each of the key measures allowing you to understand the key changes in your business as they become available in your datasets.

Choose which measure you want to discover first and Anna will highlight this in purple.

First, you may want to understand the performance. To do so, simply click See Overview.

Anna highlights the latest month on month change in purple, and compares the change in comparison to the previous month, as well as the previous year.

You can drag the time scale slider underneath the graph to see a longer time period. Again, the purple section represents the latest period's performance.

Understand What Caused This

Easily explore and understand the causes of change for each measure.

Drill down further to launch Search

Find Unexpected Changes

Find out about unexpected changes by viewing anomalies and outliers, and delve deeper to understand what caused them.

3. Search

Search gives users the ability to ask questions of their data. 

See the related articles at the bottom of this page to understand how to build your questions using Anna's question builder.

There are also additional ways you can query Anna, via the Context Navigation up the top. Here you can select what measure you are looking at, what segment Anna should break it down by and the time period. Context Navigation will also show you any filters that are being applied in your question.

Drill Down & What Caused This?

When you click on a particular line you have the option to Drill Down, this will allow you to look at it further by another segment of your data. 

Alternatively, you can click What Caused This? which will highlight the contributing factors to the change over time for your selected attribute.

4. Top Insights 

Top Insights asks thousands of questions of your data and pulls out those that are statistically significant to you. It focuses on the latest month to alert you about any major changes to your business. The insight is highlighted in purple on the graph. 

You can simply click on What Caused This? to find out the contributing factors to the change in the latest month. Of course, What Caused This? can only take into account the information that is in your current dataset. 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperanna.com.

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